Senior photo by the water

About Elizabeth.

My name is Elizabeth and I’m the set of eyes behind the lens.  My love for photography began at the age of 14 as a high school student developing film in the dark room.  Although the craft of film and digital photography has drastically changed over time, my passion and love for beautiful imagery has not.

Over the years, I’ve photographed many subjects including architecture, commercial, food campaigns, bill boards for clothing companies and more.  As I look at my current work, and think about the future as a photographer, I continue to find myself loving the very thing that launched my career… portraits.  For me, there is no greater joy than creating beautiful images for others to love!



Elizabeth is fantastic!!  She takes incredible images and I felt amazing the entire time!  She is professional, has a wonderful studio space.  I absolutely loved working with her!  - Ashley

We received the final photos today.  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  Elizabeth, you are an amazing photographer and a beautiful person!  Thank you!  - Karen

It was exciting working with Elizabeth.  On our wedding day, we experienced rain and lost power before & during the wedding ceremony. Despite these challenges, Elizabeth managed to deliver & impress us with beautiful photographs. It does take a unique set of skills to photograph in a low light (semi-dark in our case) setting.   Thank you, Elizabeth. You've captured beautiful memories for us. Not sure if anyone else could have pulled off what you did.  - Johathan

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