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Sedona, You have my heart!

This past weekend I took a small road trip to Sedona, Arizona and met up with some talented photographers for a shoot out. Not only did I make some great friends, but the images I captured are absolutely breathtaking! Here are just a few of my many faves!

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Phoenix Arizona- Mini Sessions

It’s been quite some time since my last post! Now that I’ve relocated to Phoenix Arizona, I’ve discovered some pretty awesome people as well as photo locations that I’ve fallen in love with.

Papago Park is a super popular place for family photos and I soon discovered why. This location is surrounded in desert areas, but what really got my attention are all the ponds and the soft watercolor reflections of the palm trees and the sky!

This little family pictured below has been one of the most welcoming families of all, and I’m grateful to have met them! I would say they fall into the “pretty awesome” category! Introducing the Bradley Family.


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DSM Magazine – July/ August Editorial

Last winter I met with Jordan Croft and Christine Riccelli about shooting a upcoming editorial for DSM Magazine.  The idea of photographing fashion on a sailboat come up, and I jumped on the idea!  In my mind, this idea was absolutely magical… right?

Fast forward three months later…  The project date was postponed three times due to snow in April, but we were determined to make this shoot happen!   Overall, this was one of the most challenging shoots I’ve ever been a part of. Thankfully, I had 4 excellent sailors navigating two boats, and a great team of individuals below deck.  Without them, this shoot was far from possible!

As I look at the images, I am beyond proud of what we accomplished!

Thank-you DSM Magazine, and to the falling individuals for all your help.

Stylist- Jordan Croft

Makeup- Raina Marie, Makeup by Raina

Hair- Lindsey Millenhauer, Elevencherry

Models- Tiffany LaBrie and Troy Sydow, The Peak Agency

Clothing-Paula & Correy Style Boutique

Lighting Assistant- Jonas Pascua

Special thanks to the following individuals who helped and contributed – Hailey Hageman, Courtney Thompson, Peggy Perkins, Steve Meyers, Scott and Jeanne Smith, Ken More, and Dallas the dog.



















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Black-Sand Beach- Iceland

Published in Senior Style Guide- August 2017 Justin and Kayla- Vik, Iceland- Black-Sand Beach

I’ve had the privilege of being a part of so many incredible weddings, experiences, and photo-shoots over the years!  This beautiful pair in this absolutely majestic location is one that tops the charts for me!

No, this isn’t an elopement, however Kayla and Justin were newly married and they were the perfect couple to photograph for Senior Style Guide Magazine.  On the day of the shoot, I was allowed very little time to capture these images.  About 10 minutes total.  Thankfully, that was all I needed!

Black-Sand Beach is located on the south coast of Iceland and it is bar far the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to!  There’s a cliff of enormous basalt columns and the beach is covered in black sand and perfectly rounded black rocks.  What many people don’t know is this beach is deadly!  Sneaker waves (waves combined with powerful currents) are known to pull people off shore with no warning.  Pretty scary and at the same time, absolutely fascinating.  This beach is definitely not for swimming, but that won’t keep me from returning!







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Not Your Average… Senior Portraits with Jenna.

Every high schooler is drastically different!  I’m learning that fewer high-school girls in Des Moines are wanting to be photographed in a pretty dress out in a grassy field at sunset.  Although, I will always love these photos, Jenna was wanting something totally different for her portraits.  When I spoke with Jenna, she shared a few of her favorite things. She loves a mix of retro, street style and boho clothing, she has a passion for music and playing her guitar (this girl has got some talent and she has been playing since 10!).  She also said she wanted the images edits to look like she hopped off the pages of Vogue Magazine. 🙂  I’m not sure if I nailed this one, but I’ve got a good attempt going on!

Here are some of my favorite photos from Jenna’s session.

2018 East High School Graduate- Des Moines, Iowa




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Play on Light

I absolutely love trying new things as a photographer!  These photos were taken early this winter in my downtime and I ventured out into beauty photography with a little play on lighting.  These images are bolder and brighter than my norm, however I was determined to push myself into new territory and create something outside of my norm.  Read below to learn about the making of these images.    I tackled 5 new techniques head-on, and all in one photo-shoot!  For the photographers and tech people out there…

1. I tried new editing editing software, and I loved it!   (Capture One Editing Software)

2. I shot with new Profoto B1X lights.  (I’ve been drooling over these lights for over a year, and they are by far the best on the market!)

3. I shot with long exposures.

4. I shot with gels and mixed lighting.

5. And finally, I tested out a new editing technique for skin called frequency separation.  Not my thing but at least I tackled it!  This technique is used in beauty ad campaigns to make skin look ridiculously flawless…   It’s a painfully long editing process, and I think next time I leave it to the pros!!! Anyways, I prefer beauty marks, moles, freckles, and the little things that make us who we are!

Model- Miranda Oldenburger with Peak Agency in Des Moines

Hair- Stacy Syroka

MUA- Ivy Boyd
Photo taken at my studio in Valley Junction.



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My First Beauty Editorial

Before I ever picked up a camera I was an artist and creator… I loved illustration, pottery, building, and sculpting. I even taught myself how to sculpt glass using a torch and a kiln in my basement as a high schooler!  Selling my art in local boutiques for cash!  Not quite the normal hobbies of a 14 year old, and God love my parents for putting up with me!!!  I loved it. And more importantly, I loved to create and that will never change!

Below is my very first beauty editorial.  It may not be something I do often, however this is when photography comes alive and I can truly create!

Canon 5D Mark iii / lens- 50mm 2.8

Model- Kinzi with Peak Agency in Des Moines, Iowa

Studio Location- Valley Junction

MUA- Ivy Boyd with Wake up for Makeup







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Chase and Jessi- Married- 9-24-16


Such a spectacular September wedding!   Congratulations to Jessi and Chase!


Dress- Weddings by Design
Bridesmaid dresses- Weddings by Design
Tux Rentals- Weddings by Design
Florals- Boesen
Hair & Makeup – Penelope Beauty Bar
Linens- Beyond Elegance
Catering- Gateway Market
Venue- Rollins Mansion















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Engagement Jessi and Chase

Jessi and Chase – Engagement




Waterworks Park

Hall of Laureates Des Moines, World Food Prize Building

Downtown River Walk and Hub





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Morgan and Taylor

I can’t imagine a better way to start my wedding season than with Morgan and Taylor!  This snowy March wedding was beyond spectacular at every detail. I hope you LOVE these pictures as much as I do!


Venue: Hotel Pattee / La Poste

Dress: Pronovias

Flowers: Shelly Sarver Designs

Cake: Crème Cupcake + Dessert

Hair: Deserae Simbro

Makeup: Sharla/Vanity & Glamour Cosmetics







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